Females are the foundation of our business. We have focused on breeding cows that know how to go out and get the job done, with emphasis on calving ease, mothering ability, milk, and reproductive efficiency. All of the cows currently in production at Kessler Angus are backed by generations of Kessler-prefix females.

KR Lass 6207

Registration Number: 18575776
Sire: Kramers Apollo 317
MGS: WK Return
We purchased 6207 in the 2023 Krebs Ranch female sale and are excited to get her into our embryo program! She has proven herself as a herd bull producer at Krebs with the sale of $35,000 KR Outbreak to Ridl Angus and $32,000 KR Southbound to Hamilton Farms. Owned with Camas Prairie Angus Ranch.

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Kesslers Rainbow 0595

Registration Number: 16722638 
Sire: Summitcrest Complete 1P55
MGS: HARB Cincha 829
We have always had a soft spot in our hearts for the beauty and power of our "Rainbow" cow family - 0595 is no exception. Many of Randy's favorite females that have walked our pastures can be found in this pedigree. 0595 has now raised the two heaviest weaning weight calves in the history of our place - Kesslers Commodore 6516 in 2016 and Kesslers Cowboy Up 8029 in 2018. Comrade 6516 was a high seller in 2017 and one of our favorite sire groups in the 2018 calf crop. We look forward to seeing 8029's impact after the 2019 sale.

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Kesslers Belle 6537

Registration Number: 18613520
Sire: Connealy Black Granite
MGS: Mytty In Focus
6537 is a Pathfinder and is the dam of the $26,000 Kesslers Freewater K171, who was selected by Krebs Ranch as the high seller in our 2023 bull sale. A daughter was Camas Prairie Angus' pick of the replacement females for $12,750 in 2020.

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Kesslers Rainbow K089

Registration Number: 20416611
Sterling Pacific
MGS: Kesslers Commodore
A promising young female in our herd, we could not be more in love with her phenotypically and she doesn’t disappoint on paper either. Starting with her grandam, she’s backed by 6 generations of Pathfinder females who were all in production for 10+ years. Owned with Stokrose Farms.

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Kesslers Lady K063

Registration Number: 20416743
Sterling Pacific
MGS: Kesslers Frontman
We are excited about the future of this female. Her dam had a 10 @ 365 day average calving interval and produced the $25,000 Kesslers 100 X 3520, selling to Flying U Angus and Camas Prairie Angus in 2014. She is a carbon copy phenotypically of her dam, if not just a bit better.

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Kesslers Belle L089

Registration Number: 20677945
Sire: Sitz Resilient 750J

MGS: Connealy Black Granite
One of the first daughters of our herd sire Sitz Resilient 750J, we are excited about these females! L089 is a maternal sister to the $26,000 Kesslers Freewater K171.

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Kesslers Rainbow 8084

Registration Number: 19190035 
Sire: Kesslers Commodore 6516
MGS: Connealy Comrade 1385
Rainbow 8084 is a Kesslers Commodore 6516 daughter backed by 5 generations of Pathfinder qualified females, and one of our favorite cow families stemming from Rainbow 233. These are model Angus females. We look forward to seeing the impact the Kesslers Commodore daughters have on our herd.

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Kesslers Bell 0556

Registration Number: 16721192
Sire: HARB Pendleton 765 J H
MGS: Connealy Danny Boy
When 0556 achieved Pathfinder status and raised us multiple bulls who were right at the top of the sale report we realized we wanted more like her and put her in the donor program. She stamps her calves with a look - her first set of ET daughters by Joe Canada are carbon copies of each other and look just like momma.

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Kesslers Heavyweight 5095
(0556 x Kesslers 100 X)

Kesslers Joe Canada 9044


Kesslers Bell 0024

Registration Number: 13752988
Sire: TC Rancher 056
MGS: B/R New Design 036
The success of Kesslers Frontman R001 launched Bell 0024 into our donor pen. She had already produced a pack of great females for us and we were not surprised that she was the one to produce a herd changing bull like Frontman. This cow passes on loads of maternal excellence to her calves and her daughters are an easy to pick out uniform set of cows. She sold in our 2011 sale but we've still got a few embryos in the tank and her ET daughters are making their own marks in the herd.

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