Females are the foundation of our business. We have focused on breeding cows that know how to go out and get the job done, with emphasis on calving ease, mothering ability, milk, and reproductive efficiency. All of the cows currently in production at Kessler Angus are backed by generations of Kessler-prefix females.

Kesslers Bell 0556

Sire: HARB Pendleton 765 J H
MGS: Connealy Danny Boy

Yet another Pathfinder 2010 model female that’s making her mark on our herd in a big way. 0556’s calves have performed far above average year after year, with sons selling at the top of our 2015 and 2016 bull sales. People couldn’t believe the width and muscle expressed by her 2015 calf, Kesslers Heavyweight 5095, and that’s when we knew she was truly something special. This cow just keeps impressing us. We added her to our donor program and expect the first set of ET calves by Joe Canada in January 2018.

Kesslers Heavyweight 5095
(0556 x Kesslers 100 X)


Kesslers Rainbow 0595

Sire: Summitcrest Complete 1P55
MGS: HARB Cincha 829

We have always had a soft spot in our hearts for the beauty and power of the “Rainbow” cow family. 0595 is no exception. This Pathfinder traces back to many of Randy’s favorite cows to walk the pastures here. Her daughters have both made the replacement pen and are making their own mark on the herd. A son, Kesslers Comrade 6516, topped our 2017 bull sale at $18,000 to MR Angus, Wheatland, WY. We absolutely fell in love with this scale smashing calving ease sire and used him heavily in our breeding program, his first calves are expected in January 2018.

Kesslers Comrade 6516
(0595 x Connealy Comrade)


Kesslers Erica 0583

Sire: Kesslers Frontman R001
MGS: Boyd Beef Maker 3069

Erica is a game changing Pathfinder cow, generating $56,500 in progeny sales in her first 3 years of production. 0583’s 2016 heifer calf is a standout Payweight 1682 that was unrivaled in her contemporary group and will be exciting to watch as she matures. Look for ET sons by Baldridge Breakthrough in our 2018 sale. We’re expecting ET calves by Breakthrough and Joe Canada in spring 2018.

Kesslers Legacy 5093 (0583 x AAR Ten X)

Kesslers Dominance 4570 (0583 x AAR Ten X)


Kesslers Bell 0024

Registration Number: 13752988
Sire: TC Rancher 056
MGS: B/R New Design 036

Bell 0024 is the dam of Kesslers Frontman R001. She has been a powerhouse donor and her influence can be seen throughout our herd. She sold in our 2011 sale. 5 daughters are currently in production with sons selling annually along with ET calves out of Bell 0024.