2023 Sale Results

The Kessler Angus bull sale was held February 21, 2023 at the ranch in Milton-Freewater, Oregon. Sires represented included Sterling Pacific, Heiken Broadview, Baldridge Alternative, Square B True North, Tehama Patriarch, Kesslers Commodore, Sitz Resilient, Bruns High Point 034, Vermilion Bomber G061, and Styles Revelation A23. 116 Angus Bulls averaged $6735 2 Angus Females averaged $19,500 High Selling Females: Lot … Read More

2022 Sale Results

The Kessler Angus Bull Sale was held Tuesday, February 15, 2022 at the ranch, in Umapine, Oregon. 114 registered Angus bulls and the pick of 1 female out of our replacement pen sold. Sires represented included Heiken Broadview, Kesslers Commodore 6516, Baldridge SR Goalkeeper, Tehama Patriarch, Sitz Stellar, Square B True North, Kesslers Cowboy Up 8029, Tehama Tahoe, Paintrock Trapper, … Read More

60 Years of Profitable Breeding

Kessler Angus was founded in 1961 with the purchase of a single Angus heifer. Randy’s father was a row-crop farmer and and at 9 years old, at his first 4-H meeting, Randy explained to the group that he was going to raise registered Angus bulls to sell to commercial cattlemen. 60 years later, he is still doing exactly that. Being … Read More

Commodore Sons

We are excited to offer another stand out set of Kesslers Commodore 6516 sons in our spring bull sale. 20+ Kesslers Commodore sons sell Tuesday, February 15, 2022 at the ranch, in Umapine, Oregon. This set of Kesslers Commodore sons averaged a 77 pound birthweight and were the heaviest average actual weaning weight sire group. A below calf crop average … Read More

Heiken Broadview Sons

A new sire group for us this year are the Heiken Broadview calves. We have thought about using Vermilion Spur E119 and Connealy Spur off and on but when we found Heiken Broadview we knew we had to use him. We were impressed the first time we saw him at Origen and after seeing his most recent photo and photos … Read More

2021 Sale Results

We are so thankful to all of our bidders & buyers for yet another humbling sale. We asked one of the ringmen if we should cancel with the weather our area had before and during the sale but decided to go on with business as usual. We had about a half-full set of bleachers but those who didn’t get through … Read More

2020 Sale Results

The 2020 Kessler Angus Bull Sale was held Tuesday, February 18 – at the ranch in Umapine, Oregon. 113 Angus bulls averaged $4,948 88 Spring Yearlings averaged $5,024 25 Older Bulls averaged $4,678 Kesslers Commodore 6516 had the highest averaging sire group. 21 spring-born Commodore sons averaged $6,774. Other sire groups represented included LD Capitalist 316, Jindra Acclaim, KR Cash … Read More

Kesslers Commodore 6516 Sons

We are so excited to offer you the second set of sons by ABS sire Kesslers Commodore 6516 in our Angus bull sale on Tuesday, February 18, 2020. The bull sale will be held at the ranch, near Milton-Freewater, Oregon. As of 2/8/2020, Commodore’s EPDs and percentile ranks are: CED +16 (2%), BW -1.5 (10%), WW 81 (2%), YW 146 … Read More

2019 Sale Report

Tuesday, February 19, 2019 115 Angus bulls Average $4,560 High Sellers: Lot 1 – Kesslers Cowboy Up 8029 $22,500 to MR Angus – Wheatland, WY Sire: HA Cowboy Up 5405 MGS: Summitcrest Complete Lot 7 – Kesslers Comrade 8067 $15,000 to Rocking R Cattle Co. – Hayden, ID Sire: Kesslers Commodore 6516 MGS: Kesslers Frontman R001 Lot 19 – Kesslers … Read More

Kesslers Cowboy Up 8029

Kesslers Cowboy Up 8029 He sells 2.19.2019 AAA *19126021 Sire: HA Cowboy Up 5405 || MGS: Summitcrest Complete 1P55 DOB 1/1/2018 BW 87 || Adj. WW 892 || Adj. YW 1506 Wt 1/21/18 1580 || Frame 6.1 || SC 44cm 8029 weighed 1,016 off the cow at 238 days old, with no creep or other supplement. He was a standout … Read More