2024 Sons of Pathfinder Cows

In the Angus  breed, the Pathfinder award identifies superior cows based on production. Cows are rewarded for calving regularly and raising calves that wean above contemporary group average for 3 years in a row. Specifically, a cow’s first three calves must have an average weaning ratio of 105 to qualify. Ratios are figured based on the average of a calf crop, meaning a ratio of 105 is a calf that weighs 5% above contemporary group average. The American Angus Association releases their annual Pathfinder report in February.

Many of the bulls in our sale are out of Pathfinder qualifying cows and have grandams that qualified as well. We place great emphasis on fertility and regular calving intervals at Kessler Angus and don’t keep unproductive cows around.  We know that the most profitable trait in the cattle business is the ability to breed back quickly and stay in the herd. The bulls in our sale are out of cow families that have stood the test of time, we can count on one hand the amount of females purchased since our herd was founded. Our closed female herd results in predictable, solid producing females who raise the type of bulls that will make money for the commercial cattleman.

Join us annually, on the third Tuesday in February, for our bull sale in Milton-Freewater, Oregon to buy the type of cattle that have kept a first generation ranch in business for over 60 years.



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