Herd Sires

Randy is constantly on the lookout for our next great herd sire. We’re extremely proud of these herd sires, chosen for their impeccable phenotype, exceptional genetic makeup, and outstanding performance. In 1979, the purchase of Alexander the Great revolutionized our young program and produced many great females, including Princess Leia 705. We purchased a few more sires over the years while also utilizing bulls produced within our herd. The sale of Kesslers Rainman 002 to Krebs Ranch in 1991 resulted in calves that became major players in both breeding programs, including Lady Rain 4094. In 2007, we added Sitz JLS Onward 517 to the herd. His calves quickly became popular with our bull buyers. Frontman R001 sons continuously sell at or above the average in our bull sales and produce daughters that we’re falling in love with. Young Frontman-bred daughters are great producers with gorgeous udders and a natural mothering ability. We like them more every year!

Kesslers Frontman R001 Registration Number: 15180461 Sire: Connealy Front Page 0228 Dam’s Sire: TC Rancher 056 Frontman is a solid calving ease bull with moderate frame, heavy muscle, and great feet & legs. His sons have been standouts in our sales and have topped sales across the country. Frontman daughters have gorgeous udders, great structure, and have proven themselves to be one of the elite sire groups in our herd. We are simply in love with the Frontman/Ten X mating and find those to be some of the best cattle in our herd.

KR Cash 5212 Registration Number: 18238021 Sire: Barstow Cash Dam’s Sire: Lemar Windy 43S We purchased Cash 5212 in the 2016 Krebs Ranch sale. He was the leadoff bull in the 2016 National Western Reserve Champion Pen of 3 and was the heaviest yearling weight bull of the Krebs Ranch bulls in Denver. The Krebs Ranch crew found him to be one of the stoutest built, highest performing, biggest numbered sons of Barstow Cash to sell in 2016. .

Kesslers Comrade 6516 Registration Number: 18545936 Sire: Connealy Comrade 1385 Dam’s Sire: Summitcrest Complete 1P55 Comrade 6516 is long-bodied, deep and wide while being smooth made. He recorded the heaviest weaning weight we can recall on the place at 986 without any supplement! A powerful cow family backs this bull and his disposition couldn’t be better. MR Angus of Wheatland, WY purchased 6516 as the high seller in our 2017 sale. We are using him heavily and look forward to his first calves in January 2018. Semen is available.

Kesslers 100 X 3520 Registration Number: 17591653 Sire: AAR Ten X 7008 SA Dam’s Sire: Kesslers Frontman R001 100 X topped our 2014 sale at $25,000 to Flying U Angus and Camas Prairie Angus. He showcases the Frontman and Ten X mating that never misses and has been an absolute stand out in our program and the Flying U program. His EPDs have absolutely exploded and his calves were the heaviest weaning in both herds. His calves averaged $7,300 in our 2016 sale with a son selling for $16,000 to Camas Prairie Angus and RB Cattle.

Kesslers Legacy 5093 Registration Number: 18237659 Sire: AAR Ten X 7008 SA Dam’s Sire: Kesslers Frontman R001 Krebs Ranch selected Legacy from our 2016 sale for $24,000. He was an absolute standout in our 2016 offering and puts it all together for us as far as herd bull criteria goes. We believe he’s among the best we’ve raised and we are excited to get calves on the ground in 2017. Legacy’s dam never misses – her sons have sold for $24,000, $18,500 and $14,000 and daughters are simply gorgeous.

Kesslers Front Range 7520 Registration Number: 16188840 Sire: Kesslers Frontman R001 Dam’s Sir: Mytty In Focus Front Range was a high seller in our 2009 bull sale. He is now owned in partnership with Werner Angus, Nelson Angus, and Trowbridge Angus. We love the style and femininity of his daughters. Semen on Front Range is available through Genex.

Sitz JLS Onward 517S Registration Number: 15280849 Sire: Connealy Onward Dam’s Sire: Sitz Traveler 8180 We selected 517S from the 2007 Sitz Angus sale. We immediately fell in love with his progeny and so did our bull customers. 517S sons have done well in our sales and made a name for themselves. Daughters of 517S are great producers that crank out great calves every year.