Pick of the Cowherd, IVF Aspiration

A pick of the cowherd IVF aspiration sells Tuesday, February 20. Here’s a first! The addition of female lots to this offering has lead to plenty of brainstorming between us in the past couple years. Rather than select a female to sell embryo interest in this year we have decided to open this opportunity up to give you the right to an IVF aspiration of any 100% Randy Kessler owned female in our cowherd.

If you look through the production records of the dams in this catalog you may notice that many of them have calving interval and weaning ratio records that would deem them donors in many programs across the country. A solid calving interval and the ability to wean a quality calf that makes the sale or can be retained as a replacement are a baseline for our program.

We are happy to discuss our cowherd at any time, show you cows or answer any questions you have. If your choice is a cow out of the spring program, we would like to have her set up and IVF’d prior to March 15 as we sync and rebreed March 30 for January calving. Cows in the fall program will be available after their September 2024 calving dates.

If you would like any information on certain cows sent to you let Tierra know by emailing tierra@kesslerangus.com. If you would like to set up a time to come look at cows give Randy a call!

Selling one IVF aspiration to a bull of the buyers choice with a cap of 10 embryos and a guarantee of 3 pregnancies. 

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