60 Years of Profitable Breeding

Kessler Angus was founded in 1961 with the purchase of a single Angus heifer. Randy’s father was a row-crop farmer and and at 9 years old, at his first 4-H meeting, Randy explained to the group that he was going to raise registered Angus bulls to sell to commercial cattlemen. 60 years later, he is still doing exactly that.

Being a first generation cattle ranch means that a cow doesn’t have the opportunity to stick around if she’s not paying the bills. The cowherd that Randy has built is founded on reproductive traits like first-cycle pregnancy, mothering ability, milking ability and longevity while not giving up carcass and performance traits.

25% of the eligible cows in our current cowherd have earned Pathfinder status with the American Angus Association. The Pathfinder program exists to find superior cows based on performance. To qualify a cow must have weaned 3 calves with above average weaning weights and a short calving interval.

We think it’s vital that a cow breed back early and we are happy to say that the average calving interval of the dams of our 2022 sale bulls is 368 days. Top producing dams with sons selling include:

Kesslers TK Sydney S251 – 12@363

Kesslers Patricia 0592 – 10@364

Kesslers Lady 1545 – 9@365

#Kesslers Bell 0556 – 8@365

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