Kesslers Cowboy Up 8029

Kesslers Cowboy Up 8029

He sells 2.19.2019

AAA *19126021

Sire: HA Cowboy Up 5405 || MGS: Summitcrest Complete 1P55

Kesslers Cowboy Up 8029

Kesslers Cowboy Up 8029

DOB 1/1/2018

BW 87 || Adj. WW 892 || Adj. YW 1506

Wt 1/21/18 1580 || Frame 6.1 || SC 44cm

8029 weighed 1,016 off the cow at 238 days old, with no creep or other supplement. He was a standout from the time he was just a few days old. His dam, Rainbow 0595, has never let us down – producing our 2017 high selling bull, Kesslers Comrade 6516, selling to MR Angus, Wheatland, WY. 6516 was one of Randy’s favorite bulls to ever enter our sale ring and we used him heavily in our herd – his first sons sell in this sale and our replacement heifers by him are arguably the best sire group out there. This cow family knows how to go to work and we are never disappointed by them. Rainbow 0595 has production records BW 6@95, WW 6@109, YW 4@113, IMF 4@115, RE 4@108

It’s hard to look at anything else when you begin admiring the mass and style of 8029. People don’t walk through the pen without stopping in their tracks. He blew away the rest of the spring calves for both weaning and yearling ratios – a man among boys from day 1. We’ve been impressed with his ADG on a limited amount of grain and long hay. He’s ready to go to work.

Kesslers Rainbow 0595 – 8029’s dam.

Kesslers Comrade 6516 – a maternal brother by Connealy Comrade. Top 2% YW, $W, $F, 3% WW, 4% CED, 5% SC, $B, 10% HP, CW, 15% BW, 20% Marb

Kesslers Cash Flow 8104 – a son of 8029’s maternal sister (TC Aberdeen) sired by KR Cash 5212.

Kesslers Resource 5085 – A son of Rainbow 0595’s maternal sister sired by VAR Reserve.

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