Weaning Bull Calves

We are anticipating the 2016 sale after seeing how the bull calves weaned this year! This is going to be a powerful, performance oriented group of bulls that are sure to impress.

The 2016 offering is sired by Reserve, 100 X, Black Granite, Boyd Forword, Frontman, Emblazon, Prophet, Ten X, Identity, and Shrek.

We had five calves wean over 900 pounds this year!

11998921_10153577373060692_4192883347106432953_nThe heaviest calf was 5095 at 936 lbs; he’s a Kesslers 100 X out of a Pendleton¬†daughter. We’re excited about 5095 because it looks like he’ll qualify as a calving ease bull. He had a 75 lb actual BW and his dam, Kesslers Bell 0556, is -3.0 BEPD and 100 X is also backed by generations of calving ease cows. We took 5095 to our county fair and people couldn’t walk by without stopping to look at him.

Our second heaviest calf is also a 100 X son. 5021 weighed 926 lbs and is out of Kesslers Erica 2565, a Final Product daughter. He will sell as a growth bull.

5048, a Ten X son out of an Objective daughter, weighed 914 and will also sell as a growth bull.

Rounding out the 900+ pound calves are 5085, a Reserve out of ¬†Kesslers Rainbow 8618, an Objective; and 5093, a Ten X out of Kesslers Erica 0583, a Frontman. Erica 0583 produced the 2015 high seller, Dominance 4570, selling for $18,500 and the 2014 second high seller, Fifty X 3674, selling for $14,000. 5093 is a full brother to those bulls and we have dubbed him “Legacy,” as we expect him to fully live up to, if not surpass the quality of his brothers.

These five calves are currently in pens 1 and 2 at the ranch. Feel free to stop and see them any time!

As far as sire groups go, the highest average weight group was the 100 X sons – 11 calves averaged 794 lbs. Four 100 X sons weighed over 800, with the rest not far behind.

If you can’t tell, we are extremely excited to offer this set of 100 X sons to you. From the moment they hit the ground we knew they were special. They are performance oriented with a rear-quarter muscle that is almost unrivaled. They may not be the most stylish calves but they are just flat impressive.

Our Black Granite calves are interesting. Be sure to check out 5102, he’s out of a Kesslers Front Range daughter and weaned at 890 lbs. He was one of the four calves we took to the county fair to show off. He’s packed with muscle and style