VAR Reserve 1111 Bulls

Two sons and six grandsons of VAR Reserve 1111 sell on Tuesday, February 20. Lot 20 – Kesslers Reserve 7530 7530 is herd bull material for use on your heifers or cows. He’s smooth-made and stylish and has been a powerful calf from early on. He ranks in the top 20% of non-parent Angus bulls for Marbling and $B and … Read More

Baldridge Breakthrough Sons

Selling six spring yearlings and one coming two-year-old son of Breakthrough on Tuesday, February 20. Lot 13 – Kesslers Breakthrough 7539 Lot 13 is going to make a lot of friends on sale day. The length, stoutness, depth and muscle in this powerhouse will stop you in your tracks. He could be used on large-frame heifers or cows. 7539 is … Read More

S Whitlock Sons – Selling February 20

12 Spring Yearling sons of S Whitlock 179 will be offered in our bull sale on Tuesday, February 20. They’re a complete-made, stout set of bulls that are the leadoff lots in this year’s catalog. Lot 1 – Kesslers Whitlock 7504 7504 is a perfect candidate for use on either heifers or cows. This herd bull is long-bodied, smooth-made, stylish … Read More

2018 Bull Sale – Spring Yearlings

Within the last couple months we got the spring bulls weaned, sorted, and penned in their sale groups. They’ll remain penned in these groups at the ranch until the sale on Tuesday, February 20, 2018. We’re excited about this set of calves and look forward to watching them mature into herd bulls for our customers. Pen 1 features an intriguing set … Read More

2017 Sale Report

Kessler Angus Bull Sale Tuesday, February 21, 2017 Milton-Freewater, Oregon 115 Angus bulls averaged $4,570 85 spring yearlings averaged $4,749 22 fall yearlings averaged $4,400 8 two-year-olds averaged $3,131 High Sellers: Lot 1: Kesslers Comrade 6516 $18,000 – MR Angus, Wheatland, WY Sire: Connealy Comrade           Lot 27: Kesslers Comrade 6523 $14,500 – TFI, Meridian, ID Sire: … Read More

2016 Sale Report

Kessler Angus Bull Sale Tuesday, February 16, 2016 Milton-Freewater, Oregon 118 Angus bulls averaged $5,629 High Sellers: Lot 1 – Kesslers Legacy 5093 $24,000 – Krebs Ranch, Gordon, Nebraska Sire: AAR Ten X 7008 SA Lot 12 – Kesslers Heavyweight 5095 $16,000 – Camas Prairie Angus Ranch, Grangeville, Idaho Sire: Kesslers 100 X 3520 Lot 2 – Kesslers Resource 5085 … Read More

Nothing Beats Sale Day

I’ve loved cattle sales since I can remember. Growing up on an operation that sells bulls for a living allowed me to learn about different types of sales from a young age. Up until 2006, we merchandised our bulls through private treaty and consignment sales. It was always exciting to know that someone was coming to the ranch to look at … Read More

2015 Sale Results

February 17, 2015 145 bulls averaged $5853.00 High Sellers: • Lot 8 – Kesslers Dominance 4570 $18,500 to Baker Angus, Vale, OR • Lot 10 – Kesslers Voltage 4558 $13,000 to Joe Chvatal, Walla Walla, WA • Lot 25 – Kesslers Ten X 4574 $9250 to C&L Farms, Touchet, WA • Lot 9 – Kesslers Knight 4552 $9000 to NX … Read More